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About Us
Before using our Anchors, please check the counterfeit anchors at the following link [link]


Welcome To NOOR Systems


National Office of Raw Materials of Pre-stressing Systems .LLC
(Main office at Manhattan 1133 Broadway, Suite 706, New York, NY 10010 - USA
Tel 001.212.631.5819 Fax 001.212.631.5820)
About us:
Our tensioning equipment and anchorages are used in a variety of applications from post-tensioned flat slabs to circumferential tendons, bridge decks, and ground anchors and for soil nailing. Continual development and testing to the latest ETAG 013 & BS 13391 has resulted in proven products which are competitively priced and readily available. The NOOR brand is the most trusted and recognized brand in the industry. We provide over 200 anchorage products including wedges, chucks, anchor plates, stressing rams, hydraulic pumps, tools, accessories and equipment. All NOOR strand chucks and wedges are manufactured in-house, using only the highest quality steel. Components are heat-treated and tested to rigorous specifications, including 100% magnaflux inspection and individual load-testing to ensure reliable performance. All of the material used in the post-tension installation have been approved and meet applicable building and post-tension specifications. Our pump and rams used in the stressing are calibrated periodically for accuracy.

Company history:
NOOR is a major supplier of pre and post-tensioning components and systems to the worldwide construction industry. Our dedicated staff has well over 35 years experience in the Post-Tensioning supply business, and is dedicated to serving our customers with the utmost professional care, assisting each as if they were our only customer.
At NOOR our service will make a difference The company is a leading specialist in the supply of a complete range of jacks, pumps, grips and load cells for the pre-cast, pre-stressing industry which manufactures items such as lintels, floors, railway sleepers and bridge beams.